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One of a Kind

Jim's abilities and vision will be a stunning add-on in your home, business or garden.  All of his pieces are one-of-a-kind because all of Jim's work is done by hand. He does not use preprinted stencles or templates. Every design is hand drawn and approved by you before work begins on your vision.

Entrance Stones

Whether you would like a hanging stone, one you can bring with you when you move or a large stone on your property, Jim can make your vision come to life. He has a workshop at the studio that most of the work can be completed in, but if your rock is too large to move, he is fully equipped and insured to come to your location.

Garden Stones

A nice addition to any garden. There are many samples at his studio in the beautiful Township of Ramara that you can purchase. But, if you have a vision in mind Jim will sandblast it into the stone of your choice.

Garden stones make a very nice gift with a personal touch.

Personal Memorials

Jim has worked in the stone monument business for many years making him very knowledgeable in the rules with headstones. Whether you are looking for a personal memorial for your cottage or garden, or in a park or home, Jim has the experience and relationships to make things happen.

Pet Memorials

Our fur babies are very special to us. The possibilities are nearly endless with the ways Jim has perfected in memorializing them. Either on a special stone, or encapsulated in one, Jim can make it happen.

Looking for more? Head on over to our Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest page to see more samples of Jim's work. 

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