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Our Process

Hi There!

Jim is a true artist in its finest form.


Jim will sit down with you to sketch out a deSign for your stone. He will bring your vision to fruition through his artistic talent. Once a deSign is complete, you will pick out your stone, which is both locally and ethically supplied. That's when the true magic happens.

What's the magic? Let me tell you. Jim does everything by hand. He does not use templates for any of his deSigns, or a laser for sandblasting into your stone.

The granite surface undergoes thorough cleaning and masking. Protective glue and vinyl are applied to shield the designated areas from the abrasive sandblasting, ensuring precision in design execution. Once the vinyl is applied, Jim will hand draw  your deSign on the vinyl. The intricately deSigned work is meticulously hand-cut, unveiling your envisioned design.


Jim then utilizes a compressor. Abrasive particles such as filtered sand are propelled through a nozzle, rapidly eroding the exposed surface.


Following sandblasting, Jim delicately paints the deSign with specialized stone paint, engineered to adhere seamlessly to the granite. Subsequently, the protective glue and rubber are carefully removed, and a solvent is applied to cleanse the stone, revealing the pristine, finished product.


Once complete, you will have a quality product that promises integrity and longevity.

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